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  1. #MHMovement are all behind you.
    A mother should not have to
    fight on her own for the truth about
    why her son was abused and died
    needlessly. Please sign the petition.

  2. Melanie, #MHMovement will do all they can to help support You on getting Your petition to parliament. You will get Your answers and those responsible will be made accountable.

  3. Melanie, I am with you 100% the corruption,lies and failings in mental health needs to stop. You are me here for everything you do to stop this and to get justice for Mathew, he will be so proud of you x x

  4. If your local MP is even halfway decent then s/he will help you gain a Public Inquiry, as my local MP did some years ago – although it was a different type of mental health case that didn’t end in his death. Without my MP helping a great deal, i’m sure I wouldn’t have been able to secure a Public Inquiry.

    I am beyond appalled, and am very upset to read of what was apparently done to your boy. Tears in my eyes for him, and for you.
    You are tremendously brave to stay alive and to not cease seeking answers to make them disclose who was responsible and for what. I don’t know how you have kept your hands off them. I couldn’t have.Keep fighting for the truth, but know when to pull back from the battle to recoup your strength. Are there other victims also with you maybe for a legal class action? Because clearly whatever they want to say, surviving family members are also victims. Maybe a civil case with others is the way to go, if you can find a Solicitor who will work pro bono. In addition to continuing to INSIST on a Public Inquiry.

    Take care and best wishes.

  5. Btw, there has been recent reports on the news of unqualified people being employees even for decades as psychiatrists by NHS Health Trusts, not having been properly checked by the Royal College nor the NHS. Not all have been foreign.

    The same could be so for psychologists, psychiatric nurses, mental health carers. Maybe the qualifications, claimed experience and CV’s all need to be checked.

    I was always been suspicious of whether my middle son’s first psychiatrist was qualified, and more so after he took off back to india after the high number of neglects and mismanagements began to become public. I never enquired as to that psychiatrist’s qualifications then as he had left Britain, left Europe, and it was a long arduous 4 years to get a bit of the truth out as it was.

    From your point of view and the point of views of the other families though it could be worth having all their CV’s at time of employment being checked.

  6. Worse nightmare to have your child die. This is even worse let’s sign and share so justice is served. ❤

  7. You show an extraordinary amount of restraint and humility ,when you are facing this uphill battle you should be proud of what you have achieved so far.I met with alistair burt (the minister for mental health at the time) in 2016 at parliament before they had a debate about SHFT and I said to him back then we desperately need reform and changes to the law this clearly fell on deaf ears the sad irony about that day i was almost late because my train was delayed due to someone killing themselves on the railway that day .Stay strong and dont let the bastards grind you down

    • My trip to Channel 5 studios for a news report was stopped at Romford for one person under train, who luckily survived. On way home stopped due to a fatality Colchester. Two in one day.
      Happening far too often. Thankyou for your support. It certainly is an uphill battle. One none of us should be having x

  8. So sorry for your loss and that you have to fight to find the truth. Care should be at the centre of the ‘mad’ system but too often containment/and physical restraint, compliance with drug regimes or ‘experimental’ treatments seem to be the focus of the hospital. Outright dismissal of patients concerns and needs to communicate also appear to be how patients have to learn how to ‘cope’ in the strange surroundings of the ward. I’m almost in tears having read the details of the case… Is there a local mh survivors/carers group? The ‘shame’ of a mad diagnosis often stops us working with the wider community to take care of all of our mental healths.

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