Letter for your MP

100000 signatures on a Uk Government Petition calling for a Public Inquiry Into the death of Matthew Leahy have been obtained.

An opportunity now exists for all of you to lobby your own MPS.

We now demand a debate in Parliament. This is your opportunity for you to have your say. Lobby your own MP. Tell them your concerns. Tell them your story. We must unite to get services changed. Use Matthews death to make this happen.

I have written a template letter below for you and provided you with a link to your MP’s email address.

I would be extremely thankful if you could locate your MP’s email by searching on the link here:

 https://www.parliament.uk/mps-lords-and-offices/mps/ and copy and paste the text below or download, then send to your MP.

Thank you so, so much. 

Best wishes 

Melanie xx

Dear MP (insert name),

Re: I am calling on ministers to launch a Public Inquiry into the unnecessary death of 20 yr old Matthew Leahy. 15th November 2012 , “Whilst in the Care Of The State.”

Whilst I understand the Parliamentary Health Service Ombudsman has called for a review.

I am calling on ministers to launch a public inquiry into the death of Matthew Leahy NOW.

Time is of the essence. There is a mass of evidence available and there have been enough reviews of this case.

Says on channel 5 News…….12th June 2019.


“the way in which Matthew has been let down and the way in which the family has been let down and lied to, is outrageous and we cannot, I’m afraid, just kick the can down the road. Ignoring the family’s plea for yet more months.”

“I think there absolutely has to be a public inquiry now because it’s just one of so many cases I come across where people just feel like they’ve been completely ignored and I just cannot begin to imagine what it must be like for a family up against this enormous bureaucracy fighting and not being listened too.”

Mr Brehens . PHSO.
Says on BBC News, 12th June 2019


“There have been elements of a cover up, the Trust were not honest with the families about what they had done to prevent this happening again.”
“The care plan was doctored after Matthew died.”
“These are unacceptable, unprofessional things that have happened.”

Mr Brehens. PHSO .
Says on BBC Look East 12/06/2019

“The frightening thing is. There were lots of reviews telling the Trust that they had behaved inappropriately. The CQC, a Coroners Report, PHSO. Us, the Ombudsman. All came to roughly similar conclusions, but the trust failed to deal with it.”

The tragic death of a child is bad enough, but to not know the full truth of the circumstances that led to a loved one’s death, whilst in a place of safety, is unforgivable.

Public concern regarding mental health services in Essex and nationwide is huge.

Implementing change and preventing re-occurrence must be at the heart of our systems.

Melanie has offered the death of her only child to be a catalyst for learning.
Unless witnesses are interviewed, under oath, the true facts in this case will not come to light.

Please help, what ever happened to Matthew, make a real change for the future.

Please reply to this email letting me know how you intend on supporting this call.

Thank you for your time.

Yours Faithfully,

(Your name and full postal address – MP’s may not respond if they can’t see you are from their constituency)


At least 271 highly vulnerable mental health patients have died over the last six years after failings in NHS care, a Guardian investigation has found.

Coroners have been so alarmed at the lapses in care that emerged during inquests that they issued legal warnings to 136 NHS bodies, mainly providers of care, between 2012 and 2017. They included mental health trusts, acute hospitals, ambulance services and GP surgeries.

Mental health campaigners said the findings were shocking and claimed that many of the deaths were avoidable and constituted a “tragedy”.

“It is not acceptable that some trusts fail in some of the most fundamental requirements of providing care, with catastrophic consequences.”

Hundreds of mental health patients died after NHS care failures